Will I have to pay a fee to the law firm for representing me on my claim?

Answer: You will never have to pay a fee out of pocket. Our fees are based upon the amount of your settlement, and they are deducted from the settlement amount only after settlement is paid.

How long does it take for a settlement to happen?

Answer: Every case is different. The speed of your settlement depends upon how injured you were, as well as other circumstances surrounding your case. We generally do not settle a matter before you have finished being treated. We have one of the fastest settlement records. We have a very experienced team processing your claim.

Do I have an opportunity to approve the settlement?

Answer: Yes. We do not settle any case without first obtaining the client's approval in writing.

When I call do I have to leave a message to get a call back about my question?

Answer: When you call during our office hours you will almost always talk to a person live. We take special pride in answering all calls personally.

How does COVID-19 affect the handling of my case?

Answer: All of the River North Law Group staff have been vaccinated. We try to eliminate your need to come into the office by using email and fax communications. If you need to come in, we take all CDC recommended precautions to ensure your safety. We would require that you wear a face mask, and we may inquire about your vaccination status.